Greater Tucson Leadership Class of 2016 Receives Giving Heart Award!

On April 19, the GTL Class of 2016 received the Giving Heart Award from Child and Family Resources, Inc.  The description of the award explains: “[t]his individual or group has given of their time, talent or treasure in support of children & families in our community. Their commitment to improving the lives of children and families through volunteerism or donations made a significant impact on those we serve in our communities.”

The Class adopted Tucson Nursery School (TNS), the longest-serving institution of its kind in Tucson.  The school was founded in 1946, and is currently celebrating its 70th anniversary!

The Class has undertaken to revitalize the school with an array of projects including: a new website, playground improvements, and a Conex storage box.  The Class will also be
hosting and facilitating multiple educational and development programs for the school’s students.

To get involved, please visit
or email Hanna Miller!