GTL Accepting Nominations for Alumni Excellence Award


  • The selection committee will make final decisions based upon the information provided on this nomination form, the required resume or cv, and additional letters of support. Please be thorough in completing your nomination form and provide as much information as possible.
  • * Nominations must be accompanied by at least two letters of support, although more letters of support are encouraged to strengthen a candidate's nomination. No more than 5 letters of support will be accepted for any candidate.
    * Letters of support can be uploaded at

    The GTL Alumni Excellence Award will be selected by a broad-based community committee, appointed by the Executive Director of Greater Tucson Leadership. The selection committee will review the nominations forms and supporting materials. Individuals may be nominated by more than one person or group. Additional letters of support are highly encouraged to strengthen a candidate's nomination.
    The GTL Alumni Excellence Award recipient will have distinguished himself/herself for active support of community projects, demonstrated excellence in leadership, and providing a source of positive influence and inspiration to others. They have offered leadership, time, and personal/professional resources to our community in recent years.

    Any man or woman who has graduated from the GTL flagship program is eligible. Nominations must be submitted by the nomination deadline. Completed nomination forms must be accompanied by a resume or CV of the individual being nominated. Nomination forms will not be accepted unless a resume is also submitted.
  • Please use JPEG format (minimum 300dpi for best resolution)
  • Nominations may be made by an individual or a group. However, a contact person must be identified. All information will be held confidential. Please include a RESUME or CV of the individual you are nominating with your completed nomination form. Nominations must be received at the GTL office by 5 p.m., Friday, October 5. Additional letters of support are highly encouraged and must be submitted by nomination deadline.
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